Nail Soup Ltd

The Associates We Seek

What we are looking for

We have a core team of developers and sales experts, ongoing relationships with excellent clients, and are seeking new opportunities in diverse marketplaces. But we recognise the need for considerable resources to establish a reputable and recognisable brand.

So we are seeking associates to share our vision:


Our approach bridges the gulf between management consultancy and ICT.

If you have deep knowledge of a business domain, and would like to be able to apply our methodology, we can provide the ICT training, support and infrastructure you need. Contact us to talk about it.

If you are an ICT expert and want a deeper understanding of organizational issues, we can help you to escape the "ICT Expert" pigeon-hole. Take a look here for some theoretical background to understanding how organizations work. Contact us to find out more.


The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Contact us if you have a pressing issue we can help you to resolve. We can offer a low-risk introduction to our methodology, as applied to your real-world needs.

Finance/Business Planning Expertise

We are looking for someone to help us to plan the growth of the business. We need someone to join our core team to fulfill thus role. If you think you are the right person, contact us.

Venture Capital

To fulfill our potential, we are going to need funders who share our vision of the future of ICT in business. Contact us if you recognise the opportunity and have access to funding.

Opportunities Outside the UK

Nail Soup Ltd is based in the UK, so let's talk if you are interested in establishing a branch elsewhere on Planet Earth.


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